Legislative DecreeMay 18th 2001, n. 228 “Orientamento e modernizzazione del settore agricolo, a norma dell’articolo 7 della legge 5 marzo 2001, n. 57” (Orientation and modernization of agriculture): promotion, definition and structuring of rural districts (http://www.camera.it/parlam/leggi/deleghe/01228dl.htm)

Lombardy regional law 1/2007 “Strumenti di competitività per le imprese e per il territorio della Lombardia”(Tools of competitiveness for firms and for the territory of Lombardy). Art. 4: “Districts are business combinations in accordance with bonds of affinity that may have thematic-sectoral, territorial or joint, or other specific binding of correlation. Industrial, craft, cooperative, distribution, services, construction, tourism, agriculture and agri-food enterprises can freely join districts.” (http://suap.comune.merate.lc.it/sites/default/files/lr_lombardia_1_07.pdf)

Lombardy regional law Dgr 10085/2009: “Districts chain = production systems with a high degree of specialization, strong integration of the segments of the supply chain, significant representation at regional or sector level”

Ministerial Decree November 20th 2007: “Markets reserved to the exercise of direct sales by farmers” (http://gazzette.comune.jesi.an.it/2007/301/4.htm)

“Feeding Milan. A design for territorial ecology project”


“Sustainable food chains and local communities”)


“Progetto BIOREGIONE”: Study of the demand / supply of food at regional level, with a focus on institutional catering, short chains, organic food and support to public decision-makers

“Dentro il capitale delle relazioni” CORES Research group on Consumption, Networks and Practices of Sustainable Economies


Regulation on governinggarden sitesin the City of Describesthe conditionsunder whichan individual canhiregarden plotsin thegarden plot area in the Municipality of Ljubljana: http://www.uradni-list.si/1/content?id=94266