Using hubs in the city or suburb, see also in New York or Vermont

Food Centre Amsterdam: Distribution hub, education, leisure (restaurants using spoiled food), markets,;

In such a centre also the recycling with transport has been taken care for

  • using deliverable systems (the last mile)
  • Albert Heijn and but also Kiala: The ordered system will be delivered in a shop: easy pick up
  • Regio Hengelo introduces pick-up locations for food.
  • Siemens introduces the refrigerator which can be filled from the outside (to be placed next to the front door)
  • ambient lunches to be delivered via the post box or to be picked up at gas stations
  • transporting food per public transport (e.g. transport trailers behind busses such as in Brandenburg)
  • Experiment by Albert Hein to offer food via drive-in sales points Combination of pick-up and delivery services such as by Dutch Westland hothouse farmers : value networks the network of vending machines in Slovenia:
  • for milk: meet: