Poppy Eyre graduated in the field of International Food and Agri-business at HAS University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands. During this time Poppy has conducted field work in Ghana for application in the cocoa sector, exchanged with the Vietnam National University of Agriculture in Hanoi, and analyzed diverse agricultural value chains and market perspectives at Rijk Zwaan for her thesis.  She has professional experience at New Generation Nutrition (NGN), with a focus on international project development in countries such as Nigeria, and contributing to business case development in support of a transition towards insect-based feed and food. For international projects such as BIVAC and FoodSHIFT2030, Poppy is responsible for innovation management, stakeholder participation and food system aspects. Poppy is particularly passionate about the potential of regenerative farming practices and opportunities for community supported agriculture, getting her hands in the soil regularly at Gelukkige Groentes.

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