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PRESS RELEASE: FoodSHIFT2030 Project kick-off


The transformation of the European food system has started! The 1st of January 2020 not only marked the beginning of a new decade, but also the start of the new EU Horizon 2020 project: FoodSHIFT2030. FoodSHIFT2030 is setting the ambitious goal of transforming European food systems by means of groundbreaking mechanisms for maturing, combining, upscaling and multiplying sustainable food system innovations. Christian Bugge Henriksen from the University of Copenhagen is coordinating the FoodSHIFT2030 project and says: "Our house is on fire and the youth has called upon us to act. I am really happy to see that the EU is leading [...]

PRESS RELEASE: FoodSHIFT2030 Project kick-off2020-01-11T17:59:55+01:00

Search for potential agricultural waste streams


Limburg and the surrounding border regions have plenty of agricultural land at their disposal. Potentially the residual waste streams contain unprecedented and valuable raw materials and products. In the by Europe/Interreg together with regional co-financers subsidised project BIVAC ( seven parties are jointly investigating the feasibility of processing these residual streams. Project coordinator Phytowelt is setting out the strategic lines with the help of the BioTreatCenter and CLIB2021. Marjolein Roggen Leeks, onions, white cabbage, tomatoes and grass. These are just a few of the agricultural products in Limburg and the surrounding area, whose residual streams contain proteins, sugars and cellulose. [...]

Search for potential agricultural waste streams2019-11-05T08:36:54+01:00

Brabant’s Circular Party


The working group Brabant’s Circular Party is part of the Food1000 initiative by the Province of North-Brabant ( - the first bottom-up citizen-driven approach towards building a more sustainable food system. Brabant’s Circular Party is: Josien Boll, Jacqueline van Eerd, Jan Jacobs, Marian Langens Minke Siemensma, Martijn Stevens & Dirk Wascher Summary 1. Our proposal: A circular food system will become the new main stream Imagine a future world in which circular food systems have become the new normality. The choice for circular production will automatically be the most sustainable, economically viable and most convincing choice. Waste will no longer [...]

Brabant’s Circular Party2019-11-05T08:31:36+01:00

Dirk Wascher joined ScaleUpFood as coach for facilitating innovative enterprise and sustainable cities for the season 2019-2020


ScaleUpNation supports young, innovative ventures with potential for large societal impact to scale. Social challenges are at the same time opportunities for innovative enterprise. For instance, in Food & Agriculture, Sustainable Energy, and Health-tech. Many new businesses are started but only very few are able to scale. And only those that scale really move the needle in terms of impact and value creation. Our experience and research show that scaling is an art, not a mechanistic formula. Scale-ups operate in a volatile, uncertain world and are entrepreneurial by nature. They engage in risk-taking and depend on good fortune. Scaling is organic, [...]

Dirk Wascher joined ScaleUpFood as coach for facilitating innovative enterprise and sustainable cities for the season 2019-20202019-11-04T09:33:13+01:00
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